Coached Four-Week Video Course:

 The Four Pillars of Clearing Your Space to Smile

The food we eat, the thoughts we think, and the way we act out our feelings are all related to how easily we sail through the day, or how difficult it is for us to get out of bed in the morning.  

If we are misaligned in these areas, it can cost us precious time to ourselves and with the ones we love.

And it can actually be stifling everything from our ability to keep our homes clutter-free, to the quality of our marriages, to how well we master the energy and confidence to share our talents with the world.  

In other words, our foods, thoughts and reactions could be in the way of us being the best versions of ourselves.

For those who have tried other personal growth programs or books and thought, "Yes, that resonates with me, I know I need this," but have still been unable to fully implement what was learned, or prevent falling back into old habits, this course will provide the extra boost needed to make lasting change. 

Because we can't effectively clear our outer clutter until we've cleared our inner clutter.

Even if you are operating at a high capacity now, my four-week, coached video course is designed to help enrollees clear four hidden blockers, inside and out, that are standing in the way of our full health and happiness. Once you understand and work through them, with live support during and after the course, you will feel better, glow with your unique beauty, and have more clarity into who you are and how to share your gifts with those seeking them.

And yes, FINALLY be able to declutter with lasting results!

Let's clear your Space to Smile! See below for a look at how I'll personally guide the group.

We'd love to have you!

Normal Course Price: $297  

Cyber Monday Special: $97 

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Here's what I'll be coaching you in...


The Four Pillars Clearing Approach

  • Outline of the Four Blockers (Pillars) that are holding us back, with action plans for each.
  • How they're weirdly related and why it's so difficult to clear one Blocker without clearing the previous ones. 
  • Plus how to Own It, Be It, Rock It with your special gifts once you've begun clearing your Space to Smile. 


Pillar 1: Clearing Hidden Toxins Hijacking Our Brains and Bodies

  • Two foods blocking our mental stability, moods, immune systems and weight loss
  • Grocery Shopping YEP Cheat Sheet - Easy Substitutions, Brands, Where to Find Them
  • Grocery Shopping NOPE Cheat Sheet - List of Harmful Ingredients
  • 30 Days of Yummy, Comfort Food Gluten Free Recipes
  • How to find & succeed with the right Functional MD
  • Allergen Survival Guide: Eating on The Go


Pillar 2: Using The NEW Power of Our Clear Thoughts to Get Anything We Really Want  

  • Self Limiting Beliefs Makeover
  • Meditation for Complete Spazzes
  • Secret Hacks to Sleep Better and Wake Up Refreshed
  • Secret Hacks to Make More Time in Your Day
  • Group WOMANifestation Challenge


Pillars 3 and 4: Clearing Emotional Clutter to Tackle Home Clutter

  • How to Begin to Let Go of a Past Event or Person With Grace
  • Using Personal Creativity to Help You Move On (even if you're not an artist)
  • The Last Home Decluttering Guide You’ll Ever Need: One Simple Secret, 5 Simple Steps
  • How to Finally Let Go of Sentimental Objects


Own It, Be It, Rock It!  

During this wrap up week, we'll share our progress and challenges, and with help and support you'll:

  • Write your new story - your WOmanifesta - laying the solid foundation for creating the new life you want, free of the Four Blockers.
  • Learn how to Own It, Be It, Rock It as the WONDERYou!

Here's What You'll Create When You Clear Your Space to Smile with The Four Pillars Group Coaching Program:

  • A clearer mind
  • Easy, stress-free, toxin-free meals
  • Clearer skin 
  • More energy, less pain 
  • How to get a medical plan truly tailored for YOU
  • Possible independence from Rx 
  • Your Go-To Unlimiting Beliefs 
  • Time for yourself 
  • Restfulness, clarity of mind
  • The foundation of your new dream reality 

  • Newfound happiness
  • Peace from channelling your emotions more constructively 
  • Your cleaner, less cluttered home
  • Your written WOmanifesta you can use every day
  • Connections with women like you who are cheering you on 
  • A shield of confidence 
  • More fun 
  • More of the real YOU!

Plus, you'll get these FIVE exciting bonuses:

BONUS 1: Private Facebook Group

Exclusive access to our enrollees-only community, to share challenges, questions and progress, and continue to learn outside the course material. 

BONUS 2 - Virtual Library of Resources

All the supplemental books, websites and other resources to help you clear your own Space to Smile with optimal health and happiness.

BONUS 3 - First Access + Discount to The Deeper Path 10-Week Coached Course

This very special interactive course by Kary Oberbrunner has been enjoyed by tens of thousands of clients looking to heal their hurts and start the true path to healing in 5 steps. I am a Certified Coach for the Deeper Path and will be offering it in early 2018 to a limited group for $797, but Four Pillars Graduates will receive $200 off. More info coming soon.

BONUS 4 - Your Story Featured on the Space to Smile Website, Videos, Podcast, etc.

If you’re interested in inspiring others to clear their Space to Smile, I’ll be looking for people who want to share their story, AND you'll get a chance to plug your special project or business.

BONUS 5 - Elite Application to Coach The Four Pillars as a Certified Affiliate Coach!

If you’ve ever wanted to be a personal growth coach and affect hundreds of lives, while also making a stellar personal income for yourself, this is the perfect opportunity to get into that elite group of applicants.

You may be wondering...

Who are you? I'm Coach Kaley Shorter, founder of Space to Smile, with a series of programs to help people be their true selves and do what they're meant to do - whether as a hobby or full time. I help people clear the things that are unnecessarily standing in our way: the Four Blockers keeping us from understanding and living our true potential. This program was born out of my own struggle and research to take my health and happiness into my own hands. I'm also a mom of two, a happy wife, a singer-songwriter, a former music therapist and former business coach.

What is a live, coached course? This is an interactive, four-week program, where enrollees as a group, and individually as muchas possible, will be coached by me. I do have to limit enrollees to ensure that everyone has the best experience. Each week I'll host a private live video training, for each lesson. You’ll be able to ask me questions directly, and I'll help you develop your own action plans for success.

How long will it take me to get through your program? It’s designed to be a four-week program so you can do a little each week and see quick results. That being said, the formula I'm going to outline is an ongoing process. You’re going to want to circle back over the coming months and even years, as this program will serve your evolving needs. You’ll always have the Facebook Group to ask questions in and continually post your progress and any challenges. I'll be doing live videos there regularly to continue to involve everyone no matter when you take the course.

When does the course start? The first and second lessons are available right now in the course portal, so you can begin the moment you sign up. The third lesson starts on the evening of Thursday, November 30. The complete schedule is inside the course portal.

What happens if I miss a live lesson? Not to worry, each live weekly video will be recorded and placed in its module page inside the course portal. So you can always catch up, view the video and get the downloadable resources on your own time. You can also always check in to our private Facebook group and ask any questions.

Do I get lifetime access? Yes, lifetime access is included. I want you to be able to continue to clear your Space to Smile and be your best self in the coming months and even years ahead. You will always be able to access everything in the portal, and the great news is that as I update the program, which will likely be after I get some feedback from my initial groups, you will get all of those updates as well.

Will I be able to ask you questions if I get stuck? Absolutely. The best place to do this will be in our private Facebook group. I’ll be in there every day answering questions, helping you through the Four Pillars, and throwing out fun challenges for everyone.

How do I know if I am right for your program? I’m so glad you asked, because this program is only going to work for you if you’re open to it. But if you get into it and you feel it’s just not right for you at this time, or if you’re doing the work and truly not seeing any results, then you don’t have to worry, you are totally covered by my 30-day 100% money back guarantee (see below). That being said, you'll know this program is for you if you want to create more energy, happiness and time for yourself and others, and you are ready to take some real steps toward connecting with your real self and your real potential. If you have tried other personal growth programs or read personal growth books and thought, yes that resonates with me, I know I need this, but you’ve still been unable to fully implement those teachings, or you keep falling back into old habits, this course is the one that is going to give you that extra boost you really need to make lasting change. Because what I teach in this course is that we can't change things at the mental, emotional or environmental level until we have tackled the blockers that precede each level. Again, if you are not willing to do some work to get there, then you’re not going to see results, as with any course or program. I have designed this course to be as straightforward, actionable and fun as possible.

What else do I need to buy to see results with your program? During the lessons I’m going to recommend some books for you to read and websites to check out. These are, of course, optional, and I will emphasize the most important ones that I believe will be well worth your time to read, to supplement what am teaching you.

What’s the refund policy if I am not satisfied? If you get into this course, and you feel it’s just not right for you at this time, if you’re doing the work and truly not seeing any results, then you don’t have to worry. You are totally covered by my 30-day 100% money back guarantee. That being said, my refund policy is that you do have to show that you did the work - there will be some worksheets, and you need to join and show meaningful participation in the Facebook group. If you enroll in the course and don’t show up to any of the sessions, or only log in to your portal once or twice, I can’t give you a refund. I’ve put a lot into this course, and I absolutely know it’s going to benefit most of you enormously, but I do understand that everyone is different, and at different places, so I’m willing to give a full refund to those who have made some effort but aren't seeing results.

Do I have to buy now? The live course resumes this week. I'm looking to work with really motivated people, so I'm excited to offer this Cyber Monday Special price of $97. The course will not be offered again until 2018, when the regular price, $297, will be in effect. For a personally coached four-week course that will get you looking glowing, possibly losing weight, feeling much better, happier and more confident, and shining as your true, amazing self, I cannot offer a better deal.

What are the benefits of enrolling now? As I mentioned, when I start the next class, which will be in early 2018, the price will be $297. And the new year will have already begun. Why not learn how to clear your blockers in time to really shine this holiday season? And be strong and focused as you begin 2018? You’ll be setting yourself up for maximum success and happiness for the entire year and beyond. Plus, you’ll be on my Elite list of Founding Members, which is the group I’ll tap to find my Affiliate Coaches for this program. If you’ve ever wanted to be a personal growth coach and affect hundreds of lives while also making a stellar personal income for yourself, this is the perfect opportunity to get into that group of applicants.  

Explore The Four Pillars with coached guidance, and clear your own Space to Smile!

2018 price: $297  

Cyber Monday Special: $97 

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